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Every tips and tricks and tutorials described are based on the writer's own knowledge and experience. So there are times when the information provided does not match what the reader is facing. Therefore the author is not responsible for errors made by readers in practicing the tips and tricks and tutorials that we describe. The author will continue to try to do his best in explaining the information to be conveyed to readers.


Copyright is very important to us. Therefore, every article, photo, video and audio contained in the article is the property of www.deretcode.com. If there is an excerpt from a certain article, we will include the source so that neither party is harmed.


We are not responsible for the misuse of information obtained from deretcode. Every article that we upload is to provide insight to readers, so that if there is a violation of the law committed by the reader it is beyond our responsibility.

Change of Information

Every article on www.deretcode.com may change from time to time to suit the conditions at that time.

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